Day 7: “Before” Photos!

So I realize that a week in to a new fitness regimen is not the time to do before photos, but I feel like my body has not made any real changes this week – other than just feeling embattled for the past 7 days – so I don’t think that these are too inaccurate. I’ve also convinced my boyfriend, in all his gangly, needs-3500-calories-a-day-to-survive glory (the man eats constantly, WHATEVER he wants, and still has to work to not LOSE weight. I know.), to let me take some before photos of him as well. I imagine that I will update these every 10 days or so. So, here it is, my pasty, just-a-little-softer-than-I-want-it-to-be, pre-90-days-of-hopefully-transformative-crossfit body:

5’3, 131.5 lbs.

Waist: 30  Hips: 35  Butt: 40  R thigh: 22  L thigh: 22.5  R calf: 15  L calf: 15  R bicep flexing: 11.5  L bicep flexing: 11.5

And the boyfriend (not bad, right?):


Here’s to week 2. This week our workouts are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – then after that we are set free to workout whenever we want… Yikes. Thanks so much for all the comments and support I’ve received in this first week – I love it and keep ’em comin!


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