Day 37: Paleo Coconut Shrimp

Today was my first real day of eating in this 30 day Paleo Challenge! Yesterday was technically Day 1, but as I mentioned, it was a pretty rough day which led to me eating almost nothing. Today has been fairly easy, except for right now since The BF is sitting next to me with a frosted glass of our latest homebrew, a delicious hoppy pale that we just tapped on Sunday. Not cool, guys.

So here is my food journal for today:

Breakfast: Egg scramble with asparagus, sweet potatoes, kale, and red pepper.

Lunch: Went to the Mongolian BBQ downtown with The BF, and had a stir fry with shrimp, steak, a few little calamari guys (I just love those things), and an egg, plus various veggies. I even did good and got the sugar free sauce!

Snack: Raw cashews lightly salted with sea salt.

Dinner: Ground buffalo lettuce wraps with red pepper and jalapeno, plus lots of spices.

Snack: Sweet potato fries (currently in the oven)!

Also, I just made some paleo coconut shrimp to bring for lunch tomorrow! Deep frying things is super easy, so I just sort of winged (wung?) the recipe. Here’s what I came up with:

Easy Paleo Coconut Shrimp

-Raw shrimp – Use however many shrimp you want, but it’s preferable if you can find wild-caught.

-Organic coconut flakes

-Almond flour

-Salt, pepper, and any other spices you think would work (next time I think I am going to add curry!)

-2 eggs

Peel and vein the shrimp, then pat dry

Scramble the eggs in a bowl and set aside

Combine the coconut flakes with just enough almond flour to make it cohesive, and add the spices to taste. I had to grind up my coconut flakes in a food processor because they came in big chunks and wouldn’t really stick to the shrimp.

For reference, I used 8 large wild-caught gulf shrimp, 2 eggs, about 1 cup of coconut and a little less than 1/4 cup of flour.

In a large skillet (cast iron is best but whatever you have will work), heat about 1/4″ of coconut oil. You can also use vegetable oil if you want to (though that’s not strictly paleo), just don’t use olive oil as it doesn’t heat well. You will know it’s hot enough when you drop a piece of coconut into the oil and it starts to sputter. Coat the shrimp first in the egg and then in the coconut/almond flour mixture, then carefully drop them into the hot oil. Be careful as this will most likely lead to the oil sputtering a bit, and it will be super hot. After about a minute, or once the coconut has reached a nice brown color, use tongs to turn the shrimp over and brown the other side. This should be more than enough time to cook the actual shrimp.

When they are finished, transfer them to a plate covered with a paper towel to drain the oil. Best served immediately but not bad when reheated, either!


2 thoughts on “Day 37: Paleo Coconut Shrimp

    • Thanks, Hannah! I do actually have that cookbook and my favorite one in there (so far) is her butter chicken recipe. Admittedly I haven’t tried too many yet, though. My toughest thing so far has been staying away from beer! 🙂

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