10 Signs Your WOD Is Destroying You

This morning’s WOD was ROUGH.

8 rounds: Run 200 m, 8 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (google it), 8 squat jumps, 8 thrusters. That’s a LOT of thrusters.

There were only 2 other people there, one being The BF who I never beat at anything (except Scrabble and being right about things), and the other being one of my very favorite people who we work out with. My second favorite thing about her is that she is better than me at most things, a little faster and a little stronger, but not by too much, so when we WOD together I can try to keep up with her and it pushes me without totally destroying me. My FIRST favorite thing about her is that she is one of those people who just has so much heart that you can’t help but totally root for her at all times. So I wasn’t too upset when she finished a full set in front of me, even though for the first 3 of 8 sets we had been exactly pacing each other. I am blaming it on the fact that halfway through the 3rd set I took some weights off my bar because I was getting crushed and that put me behind… but really I think it was just that I got destroyed.

So I decided to put together a few tips and tricks to recognize a WMD… WOD of Mass Destruction. (I just made that up, do you like it? Ha.)

1. You reach muscle failure during the warm-up. Twice.

2. You have to take weights off your bar less than halfway through the WOD, when your bar only had 5’s to start.

3. When you try to cheer someone else on, the only words that can come out of your mouth are “I’m going to die” and “Aaannggghhh…” (Maybe if you’re lucky you can get a “Yeah” out, but that’s it)

4. 8 sets of 8 reps turns quickly into 64 sets of 1 rep.

5. Your coach is watching you with a very concerned look on her face.

6. You start to legitimately wonder how long it would take them to notice if you passed out while running since everyone else is already finished.

7. You have to squeeze your eyes shut in order to get yourself to touch, let alone grab and lift, the bar.

8. There is a fleeting moment where you wish you were doing Wall Balls instead.

9. Later in the day you can’t actually recall almost any of the experience.

10. You look like the picture at the top by the end of it. Please notice The BF’s sweat angel in front of me. PS no that is not, by any stretch of the imagination, my bar.


6 thoughts on “10 Signs Your WOD Is Destroying You

  1. I love your blog! I had rough Tabata WOD last night and I seriously can relate to #1, #2, #5, #7…and #8…and I loathe Wall Balls! Thanks for the afternoon giggle!

    • Haha Sarah, Tabatas are the WORST. My first WOD ever was Tabata air squats and I was just thinking “WHAT have I gotten myself into!?” And yes, wall balls are basically the bane of my existence as well, so to wish I was doing those instead is a pretty big deal.

  2. So I think about 3 and, especially, 8 alot. I mean it’s like a combo on the runs, “I’m going to die, I’m going to die … now what if I died right here, no one would know … oh hey, someone walking a puppy.”

    BTW, love the blog. Even more so bc we started around the same time, there I can relate alot.

    • Ha! Don’t you love passing random people and puppies on the street while you’re in the middle of a WOD? And they just look at you like “What is wrong with this person”? And you look back at them and think, “How can you continue on with life while I suffer through this WOD!”

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