Official Before & After Photos!!

As we all know, 90 days of CrossFit came to a close, oh, about a week and 1/2 ago. So I have been slacking on getting these photos up. But here they are!

I lost a few pounds right off the bat which I contribute more to cutting crap out of my diet than anything. Other than that, my weight has been pretty steady around 127-128 lbs. But I lost 3″ in both my waist and butt, an inch in my hips, an inch in each thigh, plus 1/2 inch in each calf, which I wasn’t really anticipating. My arms have gotten smaller but way firmer. Today someone at our gym told me, “You have gotten so much skinnier since I first met you!” Which is weird to hear because if you had asked me 4 months ago if I thought I had a flat stomach, I would have said yes. But looking at these photos makes me realize that I was carrying around a few more inches than I realized! I have felt the biggest difference in my thighs and butt, which have always been where I carry most of my weight.

Also, I can now link 24 double-unders (no small feat), and today I did a strict pull-up using only 1 band when I started out with 3 (just to name a few bits of progress)!

The BF, whose measurements we didn’t take at the beginning, has seen some really huge gains in his lats. His back barely even fits into the little photo frame! If you look at his front picture, there is also a big difference in his shoulder/neck area. Pretty crazy. He has come a really long way with his strength and mobility, too–yesterday he actually competed in a local CrossFit competition for people who have been doing CF for 6 months or less, and he came in 5th out of 15! What a stud! (photos of that to come…)

Left: April 1 | Right: July 1

April 1: 131.5 lbs.|Waist 30|Hips 35|Butt 40|R thigh 22|L thigh 22.5|R calf 15|L calf 15|R bicep flexing 11.5|L bicep flexing 11.5

July 1: 127.5 lbs|Waist 27|Hips 34|Butt 37|R thigh 21|L thigh 21|R calf 14.5|L Calf 14.5|R bicep flexing 11.25|L bicep flexing 11.25


2 thoughts on “Official Before & After Photos!!

  1. You go girl! You look fit and fantastic!!! And your abs are ridiculous!! You deserve so many props Claire! Thanks for sharing this journey I really look forward to reading more 🙂 I’m launching my blog this week and will send a link i also started in April and have seen a lot of diff in photos but only one pound lost i guess that’s what really getting fit is all about! diets change your weight but when you put in real work you can change your BODY…so much more rewarding! Congrats again !

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