Least Productive Tuesday Ever

Who’s idea was it to put July 4th in the middle of the week… and then give us that day off instead of tacking it onto the weekend somewhere? It’s not even 2 o’clock on Tuesday and I have a hunch I may or may not be one of the only employees still in the office. And if my boss is reading this… well, I’m sorry but there is literally nothing better for me to be doing right now than writing this.

I work at one of those places where the amount of work you get done is less important than being a warm body in a chair for 8 hours a day. Which gives me little incentive to be extra productive… I mean, I definitely get my work done, but I don’t really ever have to put it into overdrive. And I like overdrive. It makes me feel productive. I kind of miss overdrive, to be honest.

What do I do, you may ask? I work in the marketing department of a legal software company… so, it’s lawyers and software combined into a giant party of marketing goodness. Actually that may be a stretch. But I do like it. It’s interesting (usually much more interesting than right now, anyway), and I really like the people I work with.

But right now I want to go home and get my 4th of July kicked off! Which is hopefully going to involve lots of quality time with The BF, my dog, and some mountains. And also hopefully some tasty lemon bars and several ears of corn on the cob (Paleo cheats are allowed on America’s birthday).

What are you doing for the 4th?



2 thoughts on “Least Productive Tuesday Ever

  1. I will not be going to the beach here in Carlsbad tomorrow because I know it will be too crowded. It is fun to see all those excited kids though. What is it about digging in the sand that little humans love so much?
    Just heard from the Carlsbad CrossFit trainer who said he’ll be sensitive to my fitness level if I want to come try their place.

  2. Tomorrow I wanted to ride my bicycle. Thinking about doing a 25mile bike tour and since I rarely do more than 15, I figured I’d better start training. But…it’s gonna rain tomorrow. Soooo…thinking I’m so smart I figured I’d put some training time in today after work. Ahhaha, after totally sucking at many horrific attempts of pull up negatives and a WOD consisting of 25# 1 arm dumbbell snatches and endless running I was lucky to get 11 miles and a stitch in my side. Tomorrow you ask? I’m sleeping late!!

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