5 rounds: 400 m run, 30 box jumps, 30 wall balls.

35 and 1/2 minutes for me, 28-something for the BF.

4 days later, my quads are still almost unusable.

Also, I had my first post-WOD puke after swallowing a not-insignificant amount of blood from a wall-ball induced fat lip. Turns out that nailing yourself in the mouth and then heading out for a quarter-mile jog of death (oh and then coming back in and doing 30 more box jumps and 30 more wall balls) is a great way to end up with a really angry stomach. BUT I am excited to announce that our gym now has one (yes, just one) 10-pound wall ball, and since I was the only girl in our WOD I had dibs on it. Getting hit repeatedly in the face with a 10-pound ball is way easier than getting hit in the face with a 14-pound one.

We have been in the middle of a very bizarre streak of monsoon rains, which has meant that we get to go to CrossFit in the evenings instead of trying to show up at 6:30AM before the heat of the day sets in. And tonight we are doing “Grace,” which is 30 Clean & Jerks for time. The prescribed weight is 135, but my Clean & Jerk max is somewhere around 80 lbs, so I will probably be doing 55. I think my goal will be under 10 minutes, and to not clock myself in the chin while trying to jerk. That last part might be the hardest.

Oh, by the way this weekend I picked up one of those massage-roller-stick-things (basically a rolling pin for your muscles) and OH WOW. Best $30 I’ve ever spent. I even took it with me to the bar on Saturday night and sat there rolling out my quads while everyone else stared at me. I wish I had been wearing At least I wasn’t wearing spandex.


3 thoughts on “Kelly

  1. The stick is amazing!

    Love your blog – I am one month into Crossfit, so I’ve enjoyed following your journey!

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