A Long Time Comin

Wow that week went by fast! I was in Madison, WI (home of delicious cheese curds and the BF’s family) for the BF’s sister’s wedding. I took my laptop with me, thinking, “Oh I will have so much time to blog while I’m there!” I was really, really wrong. Turns out that holding a wedding in the backyard is about the easiest way to spend 5 days running around, putting up tents and arranging chairs, buying armfuls of sub sandwiches and compulsively checking the weather radar. So I did not blog, as you well know.

But I did do lots of other fun things! I even tried working out! The BF and I concocted our own basement-friendly WOD with the rusty 45-pound plates that his dad had on a shelf somewhere, and did 21-15-9 of modified sumo-deadlift-highpulls with a plate, burpees, jumping lunges, and tricep dips. But that was about the extent of our physical activity, unless you could trying to walk around in heels, which I do. Or dancing to Footloose with The BF’s grandma, which I also count. More importantly,  I ate squeaky cheese curds, drank delicious Wisconsin beer, and canoed on Lake Mendota. I got to spend some time with The BF’s fam, and watched his sister get married in a wedding that turned out flawlessly, despite all of our worries about trying to fit 100+ people in a normal suburban-sized backyard full of the potential for clouds of mosquitoes and/or torrential downpours. And then after the amazing wedding, we took a limo downtown and went to the dive bar where the bride and groom first met. And then, my friends, as our final act of the night, we ate Macaroni and Cheese PIZZA. It was so amazing. Made even more amazing by being in a half-drunk, 3AM-style hunger craze. It might have been the highlight of the night. Not really. But maybe.

And then, after the tent was taken down and the lights were put away and the leftovers were boxed up, we were finally free to spend a day and 1/2 doing whatever we wanted in Madison. So we went and got Ethiopian food, and whether it was from the food or from eating with unwashed hands, I got food poisoning and spent every last minute of our only full free-day sleeping and vomiting and crying. And then I got on a plane and payed $8 for a snack box solely for the applesauce cup. And today I am back at work, a full week since my last WOD, hoping and praying that I “get” to go tonight and do four rounds of 100 double unders, 100 air squats, and 40 push-ups, but kind of already knowing that instead I am probably going to go home and lay on the couch and try to eat some more applesauce.

And one other thing happened while I was in Wisconsin. A really horrible, horrible thing in a town only 30 minutes from my house, in a movie theater that could have been filled with my friends. I am so lucky that it wasn’t, but feel sick and so deeply sad for all of the people and the community who will forever be changed because of the acts of one deeply disturbed man. It has been a rough summer for us, Colorado.  So this is my little blog’s attempt at sending love and support to everyone in Denver, and really just everyone in general, who needs it today.


One thought on “A Long Time Comin

  1. You two are adorbs. I totally recognize that room in the background! So sorry I didn’t get to see you both when you were in WI! Then again, if you had food poisoning, it might have been an awkward time to meet… 😉

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