Small Victories

It has been about a month since my “90 Days of CrossFit” ended, and in some ways I miss counting the days. It made my goals and progress seem much more tangible, instead of just existing within a never-ending spectrum of CrossFit madness. I haven’t measured any of my body parts or really even weighed myself since then, and despite my best efforts, my diet has been slacking. Last night we did some skill work with strict, unbanded pull-ups, and our trainer Lindsay ended up having to push what was at least 90% of my bodyweight into the air 30 times. Pretty sure that was more of a workout for her than for me (plus now I have bruises on my ribs from her having to grab me so hard just to get my chin above the bar…). And talk about a way to feel like you aren’t making any headway–four months in and I’m still nowhere near being able to do a pull-up. I don’t know about you guys, but watching the CrossFit Games pretty much had me sitting there thinking, “Yeah! That’s gonna be me!” …Reality check!

So I am trying to focus on the smaller victories. Let’s be honest, nailing your first pull-up is a pretty big milestone, and it’s not going to happen overnight (or in four months, apparently). And CrossFit is all about celebrating small victories, too. Even the name of our gym, Jai, means victory in Sanskrit, for that very reason.

For example, I have been killing it with double-unders lately. I can link up to 35 on a consistent basis now, and my next big goal is to link 50. I also ran an 800 in 4:28 last week, which is a big deal for me (have I mentioned enough how slow of a runner I am?). AND it was after doing a full WOD. AND our gym is at the top of a hill, meaning that the last half of each lap is a fairly steep uphill (at least it sure feels steep when you’re running up it), and one of the other corners is at the bottom of a hill so even though you can pick it up a little on the downhill, you have to slam on the breaks before you can turn or you will hit a tree. Another fun fact is that a pair of pants that I bought in January that were so small I could barely wear them (why did I still buy them, you ask? Because they are J.Crew and they were on sale, that’s why) now are so LOOSE that I can barely wear them!  See? These small victories add up.

Ok, now I feel better. Which is good because my lats and biceps are so sore from my pull-up attempts that I can’t extend my arms over my head right now. Oww.

PS, tonight in our CSA we are getting PEACHES! Peaches peaches peaches! I cannot convey how excited I am about this. Hopefully I will come up with a delicious recipe involving these delicious peaches and post it on here, unless I eat them all tonight while standing over the sink letting peach juice drip down my chin. Ok yeah I’m definitely doing that actually.



One thought on “Small Victories

  1. You’ll totally get to the pull-up goal!! If I can do one, anyone can!! 😉 Just takes a crap ton of practice, and getting angry and frustrated and just cranking it out like it’s nobody’s business!

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