Being a Klutz

Back in the spring, before I started CrossFit, I signed myself up for a half marathon that is suddenly supposed to happen in less than two weeks. I am also signed up for a full marathon in October. You may have noticed that I never talk about going on training runs… that’s because I haven’t been going on any. And I am starting to freak out juuust a little bit.

So, last night I decided to go for a run. I have done some trail running this summer but haven’t gone for a road run in about 6 months, but there is a small lake near our house and a loop around the lake, plus the 3/4-ish miles it takes to get down to the lake and back, equals almost exactly 4 miles. Seemed like a good distance for my first road run in 6 months while still acknowledging that in about 10 days I have to run more than triple that distance. The BF and our friend who was visiting from Moab went running with me, and I was feeling pretty good. Slow (like 12-minute mile pace slow), but good. As we were coming back up on our house, which by the way is at the top of a half-mile grinding hill, I thought “I’m feeling great! I want to keep running!” This thought has never crossed my mind before in my entire life, so I decided I probably needed to go for it.

To put this into perspective, I NEVER bruise. I can’t remember the last time I even had a bruise. This is one unhappy knee.

So I passed the house and rounded the corner with my two running buddies who were probably thinking “No wonder she feels so good, she’s barely moving.” But they kept to themselves and we decided to run for about 15 more minutes, bringing us up to a solid hour. As we were less than a block from our turn-around point to make a final lap back to the house, I tried to step out of the way to avoid some sprinklers… and I tripped on an uneven sidewalk lip and landed HARD on my right knee and left elbow. The word “tripped” really doesn’t do it justice. I went DOWN. The BF, who is an EMT, immediately started saying helpful things like “Did you hit your head?” (and a few not-so-helpful things like “Man, you biffed so hard!”) and took one look at the growing lump in my knee and ran home to get the car. And thus, I have spent the last 18 hours with my leg on a pillow and an ice pack on my sad little knee. I even had to stay home from work today because I couldn’t walk to the bus stop. Boo.

Things have gotten a little better throughout the day due to lots of icing and lots of fish oil, and I’m hoping to be back in full swing by the end of the week. But I am laughing a little about the fact that for the past 4.5 months I’ve been doing lots of “dangerous” things like heavy lifting and pushing and pulling and jumping… and my worst injury of the year thus far happened because I tripped over the sidewalk during a run. Awesome.


4 thoughts on “Being a Klutz

  1. I just want to let you know that I love your blog. I can 100% relate to everything you write! 🙂 I quit running when I found crossfit…running is MUCH too dangerous. 🙂

  2. Oh dear… this sent shudders through my entire body. When I hurt my knee I wasn’t doing ANYTHING! I was just walking and I went down HARD. It is so scary how one second you’re feeling fine and the next second your knee looks like a grapefruit. I hope it is just a bruise and you will recover fully and swiftly!

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