August Paleo Challenge

The never ending quest to not become that last guy.

People. I am in major need of getting back on the not-eating-crap bandwagon. The biggest culprits in my life right now are chips (to go with guacamole, obviously), cheese (who let me buy a block of cheese? come on), and juice. Surprise! Fruit juice is bad for you… it spikes your blood sugar just like soda does. We drink green juice sometimes, but lately I have been actually buying things from the store like cans of sweetened iced tea and Odwalla lemonade. Organic? Doesn’t matter. Still really, really full of sugar.

Posting my grocery list didn’t work, constantly complaining about how little willpower I have is obviously ineffective, so I am going to try a month-long, low-sugar personal Paleo/CrossFit Challenge of sorts for August. Is Paleo the only diet that would work to help keep me from eating crap? No, but it’s the one I’ve found that keeps me withing guidelines that are realistic for my life. I like that it focuses on keeping your body balanced and giving you fuel that your body is less likely to store as fat, and I also like that it emphasizes organic meat and produce. Is it perfect? No. But my current diet is definitely way less perfect.

The GOALS (which I like better than calling them rules, which they also sort of are):

1. No grains of any kind

2. No added sugar of any kind

3. No dairy of any kind

4. NO! Alcohol

5. No Progenex (instead I am going to recover using real food like pieces of chicken or fish)

6. Drink at least 64 oz. of water per day

7. Take at least 3g of fish oil per day

8. Eat out 2 meals or less per week

9. Have at least 2 weeks with 4 or more WODs

10. There is no 10th rule. But lists look better when they are in multiples of five, don’t you think?

This personal challenge will go from August 1-August 31 (yes I just definitely had to look up how many days are in August). I am not going to weigh or measure, but I am going to keep a very detailed food journal.

But more importantly, I hope that maybe some of you out there would be interested in doing something like this with me in August! If you want to do this little challenge, you can use my rules or modify them if you’d like–the biggest thing is just about sticking to Paleo principles and maintaining some restrictions while making it doable for your life! If you are thinking about doing this, leave a comment and I would love to be able to post some of your daily food journal entries and/or creative recipes throughout the month!

In other news, I apparently was too busy wallowing about my knee yesterday to talk about the really cool and scary thing that we saw this weekend! The BF, the dog, and I were walking through a marshy field across from Summit Lake on Mt. Evans on Saturday, heading back towards the car after hearing some thunder approaching, when I turned around and saw a funnel cloud about a mile away from us. It was pretty crazy, not only because it was so close, but also because we were at an elevation of about 12,800 feet, and I had no idea tornadoes could even form that high up! Also, you should know that as a child I had a legitimate panic-attack-inducing phobia of thunderstorms… and while my fear is not as debilitating as it once was, I don’t think you ever really fully get over a legitimate phobia. On the other hand, The BF used to be an amateur storm chaser. You could not have had two more opposite people standing in that field at that moment. So I stood there shaking, trying not to hyperventilate… while The BF took pictures.

Anyway, we survived, and apparently this funnel cloud actually touched down as a legitimate tornado at about 12,500′, making it the second highest altitude tornado ever recorded. Pretty crazy that we were right there for it!


16 thoughts on “August Paleo Challenge

      • I would love to share. Let me know when you would like me to share my journal or give you an update on how my goals are coming.

      • Sure thing. That will help me behave. Have a few recipes I have been looking at. Anyone ever made the coconut flour tortillas? They may be a meal life saver. If I make them this weekend and they are not a flop I will send an update and the recipe

  1. I think you should weigh the food you have for recovery…at least the protein (so that you know you are getting enough). Ex, 8 oz of chicken. Then you can play with the number of ounces, type of protein, etc and see which helps you recover best. You can be our little science experiment!

    • That’s a good idea. I am thinking salmon and chicken would probably be my best bets, since they are pretty lean and salmon has all the Omegas and other good stuff… we can scheme some more about it tonight.

  2. We just moved in to a new place and it feels like we are on vacation and I’ve been eating that way. I’ve decided today was the day to get back on the diet I stick to, so I am in for the month of August. No alcohol, no gluten grains, no dairy, 70oz of water a day, only 1-2 rest meals a week, and 4-5days of working out a week!!! I keep a food journal every day. It makes it easier to know what I’m eating all day and to stick to it.

    • Nice, glad you’re in!! And I totally agree about the food journal–it’s crazy how much random crap I end up eating when I’m not paying attention. Let me know if you’d be interested in sharing part of your food journal or a recipe or two this month!

  3. I’m trying to follow a few of your rules but just can’t jump in on all 9 or um, 10. 🙂 I’ve cut out dairy (think it’s a major cause of my tummy troubles) and am trying to go with a very low-sugar (working on no sugar) diet. I’m good with getting in 4 WOD’s a week and need to focus more on my water intake and cut out alcohol. (sniff, sniff). With two little boys my cooking time is limited so I just can’t go all in. Plus, them eating grains and such in front of me is tough. I’m working up to it. 🙂 Good luck!

    • Yeah I am pretty lucky that the only other person who I have to eat around is going to eat whatever he wants no matter what, so I don’t have to worry about cooking paleo or non-paleo things for him! It would be tough with a family who was eating lots of grains the whole time–you could still use August to commit to some of the goals, like just try cutting out alcohol and upping your water intake.

  4. I’m in! My friend and I both do CF and I forwarded your blog to her and told her that we needed to take the next 31 days to push ourselves. We both set 11 “attainable goals” to work on for the month of August. Here are mine:

    1. NO DAIRY

    Thanks for the inspiration to do more this month!

  5. Ok, so today I announce to the Facebook world I have started this and already my sister is threatening me with no sushi when I go visit her next week…are we avoiding rice on this thing too?

    • Hahaha, well there is such a thing as a cheat meal! I am avoiding rice as technically paleo = no grains, but rice is gluten-free so it’s a lesser evil at least… You can also always get sashimi! 🙂

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