Search Terms

Want to know something funny? In WordPress, you can see what search terms have led people to your blog, ostensibly so that you can use that information to write more relevant and/or searchable content. I try occasionally (mostly via Pinterest) to attract readers, but do not exactly try (i.e. know how) to make my blog searchable or not searchable. Thus I get some pretty great search terms that lead folks over here. For example:

“What does appendicitis really feel like?” Not sure.

“CrossFit hot chicks” I liked this one because it taught me that the phrase ‘hot chicks’ is still in use out there.

“Will my body change after 1 day of CrossFit?” No. It won’t.

“Is wine paleo?” I think it’s pretty close!

“My arms got smaller from CrossFit” Well, how big were your arms when you started?

“Bicep man!” No joke, this one had an exclamation point, making me believe this person was looking for information about a superhero called Bicep Man. Potential Halloween costume?

“Homemade Paleo Butter” Um, if you are the person who searched for this… Did you make it? Was it good? Can I have some?

“Why am I terrible at wall balls?” This one was probably my favorite. You poor person. You are not going to find help with wall balls from this blog, but you will at least find empathy.

I just thought you guys might get a kick out of those, because I definitely do. Also, today is officially Day 1 of what I am now calling Paleo August (original, eh?)!  So far, so good, seeing as all I’ve had to navigate thus far is breakfast. But we have a big quarterly meeting this afternoon that our entire company participates in, which Ben & Jerry’s is CATERING. Did you know Ben & Jerry’s catered? I sure didn’t. Is it a massive injustice that this is happening on Day 1 of Paleo August? Yes. But I will stand strong! Probably.


3 thoughts on “Search Terms

  1. when Day 15 happened on mine and some See’s candy came into the office, I still loaded up — but only in a ziploc bag – and put it in the freezer for day 31 …

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