Olympic Fitspo

To say that I fell off the paleo wagon this weekend is a drastic understatement. I did a swan dive off the wagon and then sprinted in the other direction. The Denver Beer Company (my favorite brewery in Denver, and perhaps in the world) had their 1st birthday party and I drank 5 beers, ate half a pizza, then drunkenly wandered over to My Brothers Bar and ate cheap nachos and half of a burger with cream cheese on it. Going totally overboard on things that are terrible for me is not something I do a lot… but apparently when I do, I go big.

And in case a 2-day gluten hangover isn’t bad enough, the universe decided to really drive home the point and today we are doing FRAN. Ok, I get it. I’m sorry. But, really? Fran? My WOD tonight isn’t for another 10 hours and I’ve already had a nervous poop.

I clearly need some inspiration. And where better to find it than the Olympics! I don’t have a TV so we’ve mostly just been watching reruns online, but it’s still been pretty amazing. Also I should just tell you upfront: I have a huge girl-crush on Hope Solo. I mean really.

If you could compete in any Olympic sport, which one would you pick? I think I’d have to go with whitewater kayaking or open-water swimming. Or archery. You know, so I could win the Hunger Games (very important)…


2 thoughts on “Olympic Fitspo

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  2. You weren’t alone. Tho I did not fall off the wagon, more like hung over the side of it, I went to NH to visit my Crossfitting, Paleo sister and we did bad together. 1 alcoholic drink a day. A night of sushi, 2 nights of a side of ice cream with our sprinkles. But I am home and back on track again. (Haven’t braved the scale tho).

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