Dream World

It’s funny sometimes to have a blog, because I feel like people only see the side of me that does fun stuff like try new recipes, kill myself at CrossFit, and go on adventures on the weekends. What you don’t see is the 40 hours a week I spend sharing an office with a guy who has more photos on his Facebook of Star Wars Legos than of his wife, the  fact that I’ve slept half the nights this summer with an ice pack on my belly because we don’t have AC in the 750 square-foot duplex that we rent, or the debt I’m paying off from being unemployed for 7 months last year. My life is just as random and anyone else’s, with low moments like sitting at home on Sunday night with a knot in my stomach about spending another week at a job that doesn’t fit, and with great moments like this weekend when I got drunk on high quality beer and danced in a downpour to bluegrass with a rainbow overhead.

That is also why I love having a blog. When I meet people who read my blog, I always tell them that my favorite thing is hearing from people who have “real world” moments, like having an epic and clocking a 20:00 mile, accidentally punching themselves in the face while trying to wriggle the clamp off the end of the barbell, or getting knocked on their ass from a 14-pound wall ball (no? that’s just me? nevermind.).

Some of my favorite “real world” moments from the past few weeks:

  • Ironing my shirt in the morning with a flat iron and only burning myself a little. No, I did not take it off first.
  • Being so excited for non-Armageddon-style temperatures that I actually wore a fleece jacket to the park with my dog last night, only to walk home covered in sweat but refused to take the jacket off on principle.
  • Having a 3-hour long Glee/Disney/Taylor Swift/Kelly Clarkson sing-a-long session in the car while driving alone to Moab. Don’t think I didn’t go for the high note in Seasons of Love.
  • Slicing open a peach and finding an earwig inside, then making Brandon go through and slice open the rest of the peaches for safety purposes while I literally cowered on the couch in the living room.
  • Finding a typo in a brochure at work that everyone else missed and feeling like a badass, before realizing that one of the people who had already proofread this and missed the error was me.
  • Going to the Denver amusement park last Thursday for our company picnic and riding three rollercoasters, a ferris wheel, and a number of swirly-bouncy things and not getting sick, but almost vomiting after having to be partner-carried in a fireman carry for 2 blocks.
  • Being accidentally served french fries instead of grilled asparagus at lunch the other day and having to have them physically take the plate away while they rounded up the asparagus because I don’t have enough willpower to resist a plate of hot french fries sitting in front of my face.
  • Waking up to see my boyfriend and dog spooning, and being jealous of my boyfriend for getting more attention from the dog instead of the other way around.
  • Being SUPER excited about getting a new vacuum. Super duper excited.

What does your “real world” look like? Have you ever used a flat iron to iron your shirt? I know a certain blogger who is way into car dancing, and another who would probably wear matching Snuggies with you if you wanted to.

In other CrossFit-World news, last night we did Fran for the first time. I used 55 lbs and 2 bands for pull-ups and finished in 8:59, Brandon did it prescribed and finished in 7:36 (I think). Today I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I also took more progress photos on Sunday, which I will post later in the week. Get excited.


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