Ok, so we’re not quite chiseled yet. But we are getting there.

The results of 4.5 months of CrossFit, 3-5 times per week, coupled with a moderately-strict adhesion to the paleo diet (we limit grains, legumes, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, and have all but eliminated dairy).

Since starting CrossFit in March I have lost 6 lbs, but obviously my body has changed a lot more than just weight loss. Two of my lost pounds have been since starting Paleo August. I think that a lot of that has to do with cutting Progenex and using recovery meals instead, because as great as Progenex is for recovery, it is super full of sugar. However I have noticed that the calf cramps I used to get in high school that woke me up in the middle of the night with the feeling that my calf was about to snap like a rubber band, which reared their ugly heads when I started CrossFit again but were beat back into submission by Progenex, have definitely resurfaced since I started trying to use recovery meals instead. So that’s a major downside. Otherwise, I have noticed that I am not any more sore than I am with Progenex, but the soreness lasts longer. Have you had success with using recovery meals? I have tried chicken (light and dark meat), eggs, and bananas with almond butter. I would love to try salmon but the concept of eating a $5 piece of salmon after every WOD just seems a little… expensive.

Today I am ridiculously sore. Fran on Monday and a heavy deadlift WOD last night have resulted in full-body soreness and exhaustion. Also, last night the newest trainer at our gym, Mike, gave both of us some really great feedback about double-unders–turns out that even though I felt my DUs were fairly solid, I was really kicking my feet out because I was mostly focusing on what my arms were doing, and then just trying to get my feet out of the way. It’s great to feel like I’m reaching a point with something in CrossFit where I’m finally dialing it in instead of just trying to get it to work.

Anyway, here ya go. I almost have abs and am ecstatic about that. I am also getting closer and closer to a pull-up every day, doing at least 5 but shooting for 15 assisted pull-ups at the end of each WOD for practice. Brandon is dialing in his butterfly pull-ups, and I can’t get over the change in his lats.



6 thoughts on “Chiseled

  1. What a difference in your waist! and your belly is like half of what it used to be! Awesome!!! No bicep pics? That’s my fave.. hehe.

    And your man is looking pretty good, too (though I think you need to feed him some more..) Does he know you’re publicizing him? 🙂

    • If I had biceps yet I would post them! Ha. And trust me, feeding him is my second full-time job! He’s just a hungry kid. And I told him that cropping his face will make this less likely to come up in future presidential elections… 🙂

      • Hehe.. I think mine would be mad if I started posting half naked pics of him.. 😉
        I do think it’s awesome though they you guys are doing this together; it makes it SO much better. When my bf did a paleo run last year, I thought he was crazy and weird. Now that I’ve dabbled in a bit, it just makes so much more sense. We’re both trying to gain weight right now so it’s a bit harder to be strict and get enough calories, but having the support is amazing between food and working out.

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