Do Your Thing

What a blast it’s been these past two days reading all of your comments about your real world moments! I’m so glad to find that I am not the only one who gets excited about new vacuums, and I am also a little shocked and concerned about the different tactics people apparently use to iron their clothing while it is on their bodies. Anyway, thank you so much–this little blogger is feeling the love!

Today I am a tired kid. Fran on Monday, deadlifts Tuesday, doggie training on Wednesday, new clean & jerk max on Thursday (90 pounds! Woo!), and then a WOD at 6:30AM this morning that I thought was programmed as 1 round but turned out to be a modified Fight Gone Bad: 3 rounds 1-minute AMRAPs each of wall balls, sit-ups, pull-ups, kettlbell swings, and pistols with a 1-minute rest in-between. I am exhausted. Also, I know I have been doing a less-than-great job of updating about Paleo August this week, but stay tuned because next week I will have some fun recipes to share, including some they-were-supposed-to-be-energy-balls-but-I-used-hot-cocoa-mix-instead-of-cocoa-powder-and-they-ended-up-tasting-like-cookie-dough fig balls. I am going to try a modified version of them this weekend using sweet potato to see if that works also…healthy baking recipes seem to always call for figs, but who can honestly afford something that is $9 per pound on a regular basis just for kicks? Not this girl.

Who’s doing something fun this weekend? I am taking it easy for once! Brandon starts school on Monday and I am ready to sleep in and go to the farmer’s market and eat my weight in peaches. Because there is nothing so good on this earth as a ripe peach.

Anyway, I saw this on Facebook today and thought it was a great way to say: Have a great weekend!


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