Dear Lululemon, let’s compromise. Either you spend the next 2 years making butt-ugly clothes that I would never want to wear ever, or you start making your amazing I-somehow-believe-that-this-tank-top-will-make-me-more-flexible, these-wunder-unders-should-be-called-miracle-unders, how-is-it-possible-to-make-a-headband-that-is-really-worth-fifteen-dollars, spandex amazing-ness into a price that a normal human can afford. I appreciate it.

Seriously, though, I definitely feel more capable when I am wearing cute workout clothes. I understand that it is highly unlikely that my attire really does much to influence my performance, but since at least half of CrossFit is mental, I think that dressing the part is very important! Some day when I become a best-selling blogger (is that a thing?), I will spent all my money on Lulu, because $95 for a few yards of spandex is totally reasonable, right? RIGHT? Sigh.



9 thoughts on “Lulu-Lust

  1. Everytime I go into Lulu to justify my purchase. Say I get a $52 bra, I’m going to wear the s*it out of it. I will wear it at least two times a week (it will be washed between wears) and this will be each week. So the cost decreases with each wear, so really it becomes ‘cheaper.’ Feel free to use this justification.

    • Haha that is amazing! I am definitely going to use that justification. And I do not always wash my lulu capris between workouts… they get pretty stinky… I tell myself the more I wash them, the faster they will wear out. Or something.

  2. Sigh. I totally want cute work out clothes because I am to a point where I think I would actually feel cute instead of like a fat cow trying to fit into spandex. When I was bigger, I definitely wanted to hide as much as myself as possible. Now, I want to look awesome and feel awesome. Unfortunately, I get the look from the husband every time I mention shopping… ooops.

  3. I don’t even know where I can buy lulu stuff around here, but I’ve ogled at the website a few times.. I am so with you on struggling to justify the cost! I love my TJ Maxx $8 Champion booty shorts and Walmart $5 tank.. and they seem to work okay? hehe.

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