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Have I mentioned how much I love the mountains? I love the mountains.

Our trip didn’t exactly go as planned–we got stormed out of the park on our second evening after finding ourselves on an exposed ridge at about 11,000′ as a heavy lightning storm rolled in. We were on our way to our second campsite after having spent the day hiking to an amazing high alpine lake, and got caught at just the wrong time in an area with almost no vegetation except for the dead, limb-less bodies of trees that had clearly been hit by lightning multiple times. After spending an hour crouched in the lightning position in a small stand of uniform-height trees (Hey, I did learn something as a backpacking guide after all!), and knowing that our next campsite was at a very similar elevation, and looking to the west to see more thunderheads starting to form, we decided our best bet was to head home. If it had been part of  a longer trip, or if we had felt like spending all night huddled in our tent trying not to get wet, I think we would have toughed it out–but instead we came home and ordered a pizza. Oh and then we woke up today to find that it actually SNOWED at the elevation our campsite was at, so… yeah, pretty glad we didn’t try to stick that one out!

We were rewarded for our decision to turn around when we came out of our clump of trees and saw this.

Despite our trip being cut short, it was an amazing time. Getting into the mountains always makes me feel like I’m going home, and somehow I still never do it quite enough. I might try to get out again this weekend (Labor Day! Woo!)–although we also have plans to go see Book of Mormon (the musical!), which I am SO excited about. Who is doing something fun for Labor Day weekend?


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