Honeymoon Stage


Everyone knows that in a relationship, the Honey Moon Stage might be the most fun, but ultimately is the least meaningful. Sure, you get butterflies when you’re on your way to hang out, you try really hard to impress the other person all the time, and you might even wear deodorant when you go to see them (wait, are we talking about boys or the gym here?). But ultimately, you don’t learn much about the other person or yourself in that phase, and you can’t stay there forever.

Since last week, when I wrote about feeling like it was time for me to go harder during WODs, I have definitely pushed myself a little more in each WOD–going heavier, longer, or a little faster each time. For example, last night, in honor of 9/11, we did a Hero WOD called “Holleyman,” which is 30 rounds of 5 wall balls, 3 handstand push-ups, and 1 power clean. At the beginning of the WOD I set the goal for myself that I would do every round of wall balls unbroken, and I stuck to it. I also went so heavy on my power cleans that TJ stepped in and took some weight off in the middle of the WOD, and if I bruised like a normal person, my sternum would be totally black and blue (not recommended, and also probably why TJ intervened).

But maybe a few too many meals of grilled-meat-with-the-same-side-of-veggies in the past few weeks have jaded me. Maybe fall is in the air and I am dreaming of pumpkin-ey baked goods and creamy soups and sleeping in through the only-getting-darker mornings instead of waking up for a WOD. I really do feel like in the past few weeks I have finally started to move from being a total CrossFit newbie into the realm of “beginner” and maybe even (VERY) occasionally “beginner/intermediate.” But I think the real reason I am suddenly dragging my feet on the way to CrossFit or lusting over Pinterest recipes for Nutella cookies and Crockpot Mac and Cheese is that this new progression comes with very different challenges. I am not seeing huge leaps and bounds in my abilities like I was when I first started, and even though that’s a sign that many of my basic skills are improving, it also sort of feels like I’m stalling because I haven’t had a big first or gain in a while.

In other words, I think it’s safe to say that the Honeymoon Phase is over.

What do you do when you hit plateaus like this? Is it time to take a week or two away from CrossFit? Or is it time to buckle down and recommit to my goals and maybe stop looking at baked goods on Pinterest?


10 thoughts on “Honeymoon Stage

  1. It must be the air or something (even though we don’t live in the same state), but I feel the exact same way this week. Personally, I took a couple days off from working out, but not the “diet”. It does a body good sometimes to just relax and rest and not be pushed to do something it doesn’t want to. I say take a short break from working out, allow yourself a couple “rest” meals, and devise a plan and some goals for when you get back next Monday. I’ve resulted to celebrating the small things. My current goal is to lose one pound and gain some muscle by the time I get my body comp done again. If I reach it I get to go use my gift card to Academy to get some new training equipment and a new workout top. Definitely dorky but it works…Good Luck!!!

    • I took your advice and decided to take yesterday and today off, even though I was supposed to workout last night and this morning… instead last night I stayed in and made some homemade tomato soup, which was awesome. And I’ll try to think of a good reward that I can give to myself once I reach my next goal!

  2. I say you need to power through this funk and recommit to your goals. I am more sore, everyday, than I have ever been in my life. That is through playing high school and college football with two a days during “hell week”. I get to my box early to work on mobility for my wrists, hips and shoulders. (Too much beach muscle built up at the globo gym over the years.) I know it may sound crazy, but I have just started adding a pre-class mile before my mobility work and it seems to be helping a lot. It does not take as long to loosen up and it gives me extra energy. Sounds crazy, I know! It has improved my times during wods and I am hanging with the top guys in my class more than ever. So, I am saying, instead of taking time off, train a little more and it will get you through this post honeymoon phase you are experiencing now.

    • Thanks, Greg. Running a mile before each WOD sounds a little nuts, but I am intrigued 🙂 I decided to take yesterday and today off just to give myself a tiny reset button to make some new goals, but I think you’re right that I should be using this as motivation to dig deeper.

  3. Knuckle down, but… Your body had a lot of catching up to do in order to keep up with what you were asking of it. Now you’ve got strength and some skills under your belt and your body wants a little equilibrium. That’s ok. It might feel like a plateau, but I think really it’s just a little maintenance period. Your body can’t constantly keep progressing–it would burn out. Or hit a plateau for realz. Enjoy this bit of physical stasis. This is a great time to work on the mental challenges of becoming fit. It’s also a great time to find ways to enjoy this feeling of fall in the air, to honour your cravings for autumnal goodness in ways that support all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Maybe find an awesome paleo pumpkin pie recipe or find time to do an autumn hike. Crisp air and all that. A little patience, and it’ll all fall back on track soon.

    I’ve got to say, I hadn’t really considered CrossFit before, but your posts have really piqued my interest…

    • I hadn’t really considered that, but I really like what you’re saying about ebbs and flows of energy output. I have definitely learned that the most energy is expended at the lowest level of skill… maybe I am just figuring out how to be more efficient? Maybe? 🙂 And I would obviously encourage you to give CrossFit a shot… almost all gyms offer at least one free class a week for people who want to check it out!

  4. I’ve been in a funk lately with my workouts but I think it’s more because I’m just doing a standard 5×5 routine and not switching it up enough. I can’t relate to getting bored with CrossFit because I think the everchanging workouts would be enough to keep me interested, at least until I get awesome like you.. 🙂
    Maybe just take a week off and then get back into it?

    • Yeah I decided to take a few days off to try to give myself a little reset. I wouldn’t really say that I’m getting bored, because CrossFit definitely keeps you guessing like you said, but more that I am just in a little bit of a motivation plateau. I think I just need to come up with some new goals and get back to work!

  5. So funny that you posted this blog because I’ve been feeling the same way. We started about the same time and I have been feeling down about my lack of progress lately. I’ve even felt like I’m going backwards in my progress. I’ve my “lift-ability” (like that new word?) has gone down. A few months ago I felt like I was making good gains is what I could lift and now I feel stagnant. I think it’s just the body’s way of handling these new physical challenges we keep throwing at it. Sometimes we feel like we are just killing the WOD’s and really feeling ourselves change and other times it’s a slower progression. Instead of worrying about how much I’m lifting, or the fact that I can’t do lots of things I’d like to, right now I’m trying to focus on keeping positive and keeping committed. It may be a slower change for me right now but I know one day I’ll be able to do an unassisted pull-up or deadlift an awesome amount. Keep it up. Keep going. Keep persisting. I’ll be cheering you on from just a few miles south!! (A small gain today: I did a few pull-ups with only 1 band instead of my normal 2. Small gain but still a gain!!)

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