Yellow Leaves

Well, first of all, you may have noticed that this site is not any more exciting looking than it ever has been… turns out migrating your site is slightly less straightforward than I thought it would be, which is no surprise since I am a total web beginner. But changes are still in the works, they might just take a little while to get here!

Fall has arrived in full force this week in Colorado. The past few weeks have been a mix of 90-degree days and 60-degree days with summer still holding on for dear life, but this week fall has finally taken over and the highs are all in the low 70’s with rain and yellow leaves everywhere and even some snow on the high peaks. This past weekend we drove for about 2 hours to Granby, which is just outside the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, and went on a gorgeous 7ish-mile hike that followed a creek through some pretty amazing yellow aspens. We even saw a family of moose (from very far away, which is good, because moose scare the crap out of me)!

Progress on my new goals is coming along slowly. I finally (remembered to take a measuring tape with me to the gym so I could measure the jump rope I use and) ordered my very own Rx jump rope, which should be arriving tomorrow, so I’m hoping that my Double Under goal will be met before I know it because now I will be able to practice at home! Also, so far we have been doing well with keeping up to 3-4 WODs per week, plus we did a skiing WOD last Saturday that my butt is STILL sore from.

One thing that I have not-exactly been keeping up with is my diet. In general it hasn’t been too bad–yesterday I had a big piece of fish and half an avocado and some pecans for lunch!–but I may or may not have purchased an entire pumpkin pie at Whole Foods last night. And I’m really not sorry, because pumpkin pie is deeeelicious!

Here are some more photos from our amazing little fall hike. What are some fall treats that you’ve been indulging in with the cooler weather setting in?


8 thoughts on “Yellow Leaves

  1. One last thunderstorm running through as summer is saying good-bye! So as an update to your Paleo August which I wouldn’t commit to. I’ve adopted the clean-eating diet. It’s been great so far and I love doing it!! I feel better, have more energy, and as a bonus am even losing a few pounds. šŸ™‚ But, I still do have my weaknesses too and may or may not partake in some semi-sweet chocolate chip ice cream from King Soopers (their Private Selection brand is the best!). It’s all about moderation right? Love the pics from your hike!!

  2. Such lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them. A thought about diets: my doc says your “best weight” is what you weigh when you’re eating enough to not be hungry, and allowing for occasional treats. I think that would include the occasional piece of pie! šŸ™‚

    • Yeah I totally agree. I tried to be really strict with myself for a while and was always dreading having to eat… which seemed pretty backwards since eating has always been one of my favorite activities! šŸ™‚ I try to stick to healthy options, but sometimes you just need to get home from work and eat some pumpkin pie out of the pan with a spoon…

    • I posted a few workouts on the blog last week, if you search “Workouts” in the search bar on the right, they should come up. But on Saturday we did 3 rounds of 10 moderate-weight front squats, 5 Bulgarian split squats on each leg, and 20 speed-skaters, then followed it up with 5 rounds of 100 m uphill sprints.

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