CrossFit-Style Ski Season Leg Workouts

A great variation of the basic lunge. Don’t forget to mix it up!

I have been talking about wanting to come up with some CrossFit-style workouts to start getting in shape for ski season, and with the first flakes falling in the mountains this past week, the time has come!

Once again, I would like to make it very clear that I am NOT a certified CrossFit trainer, nor do I have any other training credentials. These workouts are put together from my own experiences with CrossFit and my own experiences as a skier who ends up in the lodge after two runs on the first day of the season because my legs are so weak!

Before each workout, be sure to really warm up your whole body, but especially your knees and hips.

Warm Up (to do before any of these workouts):
800 m (1/2 mile) jog
If you have a foam roller, use it to roll out your quads, hamstrings, IT bands, and hip flexors
2 rounds at a moderate pace:
20 air squats
20 deep lunges (count each side)
20 side lunges (count each side)
20 butt-kicks (count each side)
20 high-knees (count each side)
Pigeon stretch, hold at least 30 seconds each side
Butterfly stretch, hold at least 60 seconds

In addition to workouts like these, I am planning on spending time at the gym doing heavy squats, and I am also going to be focusing on my core strength and flexibility.


Into the Wild

Right now two fantastic girls who I studied with in Argentina (over two years ago, yikes!) are here for a visit. Today we spent 45 minutes looking for bear canisters at REI, and tonight we spent at least another 45 minutes wondering how one bear canister is going to hold enough food for three girls for three nights. And by food I mean ramen, red wine, and chocolate covered mangos. The mangos didn’t make the cut in the end, unfortunately.

Tomorrow I will strap on a backpack for the first time in far too long and take off for a few days of wilderness therapy. I can’t wait.


The (probably freezing) alpine lake I am planning on taking a (skinny) dip in on Wednesday night… Be jealous.

In the meantime, please please please go check out my giveaway! Seriously only ONE of you has left a real idea so far? Really? Come on, people, I expected way more outta you!

Have a great few days and see you on Friday!